Executive Committee

81st Session of the Executive Committee, Prague, 30 September 1961


Taken by the Executive Committee of the League of Red Cross Societies

at its 81st Session, Prague, September 30, 1961”

“1. Adoption of the Report of the Nursing Advisory Committee at its XVth Session”.

“2. Election, on recommendation of the Nursing Advisory Committee, of the National Red Cross (Red Crescent, Red Lion and Sun) Societies of the following countries to membership on the Committee for the period 1961-1965 Canada, Denmark, France, Germany (Fed. Rep.), Great Britain, Greece, India, Iran, Italy, Norway, Poland; Rumania, Turkey, United States of America, and Venezuela, with one additional place still to be filled”.

“3. Confirmation of the appointments made by the Nursing Advisory Committee of Miss Helen McArthur, Canadian Red Cross Society, and Mlle Jane Martin, French Red Cross, respectively as Chairman and Vice- Chairman of the Nursing Advisory Committee for the period 1961-1965”.


Voted_by the 81st Session of the Executive Committee

of the League of Red Cross Societies,

Prague, 30th September 1961”

“Resolution N° 1

Relationship with the International Council of Nurses

The Executive Committee,

noting that no action was taken at the last meeting of the International Council of Nurses (ICN) Grand Council in. April 1961, in relation to League of Red Cross Societies representation on the Education Committee of the ICN,

reaffirming its belief in the value of maintaining close relationship with the ICN

recommends that provision be made for a planned programme of visits to exchange information between the ICN Headquarters and the League Nursing Bureau”.

“Resolution No 2

Scholarships, Fellowships and Study Visits.

The Executive committee,

recommends to National Societies, within the established League International Study Visit Scheme, that they provide for an adequate number of professional nurses’ scholarships either through bursaries or through offering maintenance costs for short periods of study, or by ex- changing Visits,

that National Societies utilize all resources for professional scholarships, and study visits, such as the World Health Organization, “Exchange of Privileges for Nurses” of the rem, and others,

that National Societies, moreover, when they know their nurses receive such scholarships advise the League Secretariat and the National Society of the country where the students are going,

that National Societies use their influence to encourage governments to increase the number of fellowships granted to nurses from resources at their disposal, such as the World Health Organization and others”.

“Resolution No 3

Auxiliary Nursing Personnel

The Executive Committee

approves the position taken by the Nursing Advisory Committee concerning the training and employment of volunteer nursing auxiliaries and that “the principle of voluntary (unpaid) services within the Red Cross be safeguarded,

recognizing the need in many countries today for the training of paid auxiliary nursing personnel,

recommends to National Societies that they offer their resources to assist in the training of such paid auxiliary nursing personnel, where such assistance is indicated for the improvement of health and mitigation of suffering of the people of their country”.

Resolution No 4

Junior Red Cross

The Executive Committee,

recognizing the real contribution that members of the Junior Red Cross can make in health programmes,

recognizing that this service affords an opportunity for them to learn the value of Red Cross service, and gives them knowledge of careers in the health field,

recommends that the Nursing Services of National Societies help the Junior Red Cross by determining the duties to be performed by their members in the field of nursing, providing the necessary training and arranging for professional supervision”.

“Resolution No 5

International Glossary of Nursing Terms

The Executive Committee,

recognizing the need for a mutual understanding of technical nursing terms to benefit National Societies namely at international meetings, in the translation of material, and in the training of nurses assigned to international disaster relief operations,

charges the Secretary General of the League to study, in co-operation with the World Health Organization, the International Council of Nurses, and other interested agencies, the practicability of establishing such a glossary”.

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