Executive Committee

79th Session of the Executive Committee, Athens, 25 September 1959

Among the delegates:

  • Mrs. Liang Sze-yi, Assistant Director, International Relations Department (China)
  • The Countess of Limerick, G.B.E., LL.D., Vice-Chairman (Great Britain)
  • Miss E. Bark, O.B.E., International Relations and Relief Adviser (Great Britain)
  • Miss Sheelagh Paterson, Observer (Great Britain)
  • The Hon. Rajkumari Amrit Kaur, Chairman of the Central Managing Body (India)
  • Mrs. C. Gronchi, President, National Women Committee (Italy)
  • Miss P. Menada, National Inspector of Voluntary Nurses (Italy)
  • Mrs. O. Nordenson, Vice-President (Sweden)
  • Miss H. Vischer, Member of the Central Committee (Switzerland)
  • Mrs. Fatma Bengisu, Director of the Nursing School (Turkey)
  • Miss Ann Magnussen, Director of the Nursing Services (USA)

Mrs. L. Tcherkasskaja, Interpreter (USSR)

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