Executive Committee

Meeting of the Executive Committee, Toronto, 24 July 1952

Among those present were

  • Mrs. Sophia Mikhailovna Speranskaya, Alliance of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies of the U.S.S.R.
  • Miss Ann Magnussen, American National Red Cross
  • Lady Owen, Australian Red Cross
  • Miss Simone Vercamer, Belgian Red Cross
  • The Countess of Limerick, British Red Cross
  • Miss Evelyn Bark, British Red Cross
  • Miss Florence H.M. Emory, Canadian Red Cross
  • Mrs. C.F. MacEachron, Canadian Red Cross
  • Mme Li Teh Chuan, Chinese Red Cross
  • Miss Brita Wittborn, Swedish Red Cross
  • Dr. Olga Milosevic, Yugoslav Red Cross
  • Mrs. Anita Milin, Yugoslav Red Cross

Among the observers:

  • Miss K.M. Ahlmann-Ohlsen, Danish Red Cross
  • Mrs. Maria Elvira Yoder, Ecuadorian Red Cross
  • Dr. Ironsa Domanska, Polish Red Cross
Board of Governors

22nd Meeting of the Board of Governors, Toronto, August 1952

Resolution No 12


The Board of Governors,

having considered the report of the Nursing Advisory Committee relating to the development of Home Nursing instruction,

noting that this report indicates an increasing demand for assistance from the League in organizing and developing national Red Cross Home Nursing Programs,

expresses the wish that such essential programs be furthered in every possible way under Red Cross auspices and recommends:

(a) that Home Nursing instructors, whenever possible, be professional nurses;

(b) that when not enough nurses are available, specially selected non-nurse instructors be trained for the purpose, these to be preferably selected from the teaching, health and social welfare fields and from people who have special teaching abilities;

(c) that Home Nursing instructor trainers and supervisors be specially trained professional nurses;

(d) that the organization of Home Nursing programs be conducted nationally through the national Red Cross Society with the assistance of a nurse adviser for the teaching program and a competent administrator for the general organization of the program;

(e) that in each country close working relationship be established between the national Red Cross Society and the health and education authorities and professional nursing groups in order to bring Home Nursing teaching, and particularly that relating to mother and baby care, in that particular country, into line with the current developments in health care;

(f) that, as a matter of routine, national Red Cross Societies send progress reports to the League Secretariat for information and distribution.

Resolution No. 13


The Board of Governors,

agrees that the need for Red Cross scholarships, fellowships and study visits is as important today as ever and, therefore, strongly

recommends that serious consideration be given by national Red Cross Societies to continue to provide scholarships and fellowships for outstanding graduate nurses and that preference be given whenever possible, to a carefully supervised academic year of study abroad,

Resolution No. 14


The Board of Governors,

noting that reports and discussions reveal the shortage of nursing personnel, both professional and auxiliary to be a world-wide problem because the ever-increasing demands the supply,

recognizing that national Red Cross Societies in many countries are helping to meet this shortage and

recognizing the need for a professional group qualified to assume leadership in directing and teaching different categories of nursing personnel, recommends that national Red Cross Societies participate increasingly with the professional nursing organizations and governmental authorities in carrying out studies and in making plans to meet nursing service needs and further

recommends that national Red Cross Societies take full advantage of their broad membership to inform all segments of the population of these important and evolving needs,

Resolution No 16


The Board of Governors,

recalling the recommendations made by the International Red Cross Conference on various occasions concerning the relationship between Red Cross nurses and professional Nurses Associations,

recommends that Red Cross nurses co-operate in all their endeavours with these associations where they exist,

Resolution No. 16


The Board of Governors

having heard the report of the 11th session of the Nursing Advisory Committee 6, June, 1952,

approves this report and the recommendations it contains.