Executive Committee

Meeting of the Executive Committee, Oslo, 22 May 1954

Among those present:

  • Mrs H. F. Croswick, Member of the National Council of the Australian Red Cross
  • Miss S. Vercamer, Chief of the General Secretariat of the Belgian Red Cross
  • Mme Li-Toh. Chuan, President of the Chinese Red Cross
  • Miss Kan Yu, Staff Member of Liaison Department of the Chinese Red Cross
  • Miss Chang Tsung-an, interpreter of the Chinese Red Cross
  • The Countess of Limerick, D.B.E. Vice-Chairman, Executive Committee of the British Red Cross
  • Miss E. Bark, O.B.E., International Relations and Relief Adviser of the British Red Cross
  • The Honorable Rajkumari Amrit Kaur, Chairman of the Central Managing Body of the Indian Red Cross
  • Mrs. Harrriet Berg of the Norwegian Red Cross
  • Mrs. C. Nordenson, Vice-President of the Swedish Red Cross
  • Miss Mikalevskaja, Interpreter, Alliance of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies of the U.S.S.R.
  • Mrs. Dr. O. Milosovic, Secretary General of the Yugoslav Red Cross

Among Observers

  • Miss K. M. Ahlmann-Ohlson, Chief, International Relations of the Danish Red Cross
  • Mrs. T. Barry, Chairman of the Central Committee of the Irish Red Cross
  • Mrs. J. Winstone, New Zealand Red Cross

On the report from the Executive Committee to the Board of Governors since the meeting in Toronto:

“For its part, the League had sent several members of its staff on special missions. Dr. Z. Hantchef, Assistant to the Executive Secretary, had visited the Haitian Red Cross at its request, more especially to help it organize first-aid services, while Miss L. Petschnigg, Assistant Director of the Nursing Bureau, had organized instructors’ courses in home nursing in various countries, including Haiti …,”

Board of Governors

23rd Meeting of the Board of Governors, Oslo, 1954

Resolution no 14

The Fight against Poliomyelitis

The Board of Governors,

Considering that in recent years poliomyolitis has bocome a problem of ever-increasing importance in all ports of the world.

Advises all National Societies to participate as actively as possible in the fight against this disease,

Considering that the need for qualified nursing personnel constitutes a major problem during acute outbreaks of poliomyelitis, and that equally important is the problem of providing auxiliary personnel to give artificial respiration to the many patients suffering from respiratory paralysis during their transportation to end their stay in hospital.

            Advices Red Cross Societies to train auxiliary personnel to cover this emergency, and whereas in small communities sharp outbreaks are perhaps best dealt with by mobile teams organized on a regional level, based on the principle of mutual assistance between sister Societies,

            Recommends that as this task may exceed the powers of the Red Cross, collaboration with other international health organizations working in this field, such as the World Health Organization, should be encouraged, and …”

Resolution No. 24

Congratulations to Mlle Geneviève de Gallard

The Board of Governors,

            Having learnt in the world press of the selflessness with which Geneviève de Gallard, French Red Cross flight nurse, has carried out her duty among the sick and wounded entrusted to her care, and

            Having seen that, inspired by the basic principles of the Red Cross, which make this organisation an object of international respect, she has shown herself worthy of the example set by Florence Nightingale ad so many other women who have sacrificed all in their effort to relieve the sufferings of others,

            Rejoices that such examples of altruism and humanity have been set under the emblem of the Red Cross,

            Sends Mlle Geneviève de Gallard, its warmest congratulations on the way in which she has played her part, and

            Expresses the hope that she will be considered for the award of the Florence Nightingale Medal.

… … …

Separately, The Countess of Limerick was appointed as one of the League’s representatives on the Standing Commission