Note to the Reader

Looking back to find the way forward

This site is dedicated to remembering – and learning from – the myriad of women who have been part of, supported, worked for, and shaped the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. In villages, in towns, in their countries and in the world.

They have not been alone, but they have been invisible: and this is a contribution to reversing that.

The women mentioned here have been found in various documents of the Movement, held by the ICRC and the International Federation: across the world there is much more, and for that reason an “encyclopedia” format has been selected for presentation of the individuals concerned.

Some of the sources used – those available online – are listed under “Sources“. The individuals can be found here: Encyclopedia

Reviewing the material is a never-ending task, but findings from the reports from the International Conferences are being published as “Extracts – International Conferences“.

Similarly, what has been found from General Assemblies of the International Federation can be found at “Extracts from General Assemblies” and its predecessors:

The source documents from the General Assembly are, since, publically available at …, but from earlier years through the International Federation’s archives. The same is the case for other Federation documents.

Some information one comes across does not easily fit into any particular category: some of this has been collected under the heading “Stray Quotes“.

If anyone knows of someone who should be included – go ahead collect as much information as possible – and forward it to!