Executive Committee

85th Session of the Executive Committee, Vienna, 28 September 1965

Among the delegates:

  • Miss N. Minogue, Deputy Secretary General (Australia)
  • Miss M. Waddell, Honorary Director of Branches, New South Wales Division (Australia)
  • Miss D. Wichmar, Administrative Assistant, Junior Red Cross (Canada)
  • Mrs. Senedu Gabru, Member of the Board of Directors (Ethiopia)
  • Miss J. Martin, Director, Nursing Service and Social Workers (France)
  • Mrs. J. Awoonor-Williams, National Organizing Secretary (Ghana)
  • The Countess of Limerick, Vice-Chairman of the Council (Great Britain)
  • Dame Anne Bryans, Senior Vice-Chairman, Executive Committee (Great Britain)
  • Miss E. Bark, Director, International Affairs Department (Great Britain)
  • Miss C. J. Whittington, Director, Overseas Development Department (Great Britain)
  • Miss M. E. Jones, Director, Junior Red Cross (Great Britain)
  • Mrs. D. H. Sison, Member, Board of Governors (Philippines)
  • Dr. I. Domanska, President (Poland)
  • Miss D. Zys, Head of International Relations (Poland)
  • Miss H. Vischer, Vice-President (Switzerland)
  • Mrs. John W. Sheppard, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Governors (USA)
  • Miss Margaret Hickey, Deputy to the Chairman (USA)
  • Mrs. L. Tcherkasskaya, Chief, International Relations Section (USSR)
  • Mrs. Z. Patkevich, Chief, Information Bureau (USSR)

“8. Report of the Nursinq Advisory Committee

The Secretary General reminded participants that this Committee had met in ordinary session in June and had entrusted its new Chairman, Miss Martin of the French Red Cross, to present its report. However, as in the case of the relief report, it was suggested that in view of its general interest, the report of the Nursing Advisory Committee also be submitted to the Board of Governors.

The Chairman asked the Executive Committee whether it approved the suggestion.

The suggestion was unanimously approved”.

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