Executive Committee

Meeting of the Executive Committee, Monte Carlo, 21 October 1950

Participants included

  • Dr. S. Speranskaya (Alliance of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies of the USSR)
  • Lady Owen (Australian Red Cross)
  • Countess of Limerick (British Red Cross)
  • Miss Bark (British Red Cross)
  • Mrs. Li Teh-Chuan (Chinese Red Cross)
  • Mrs. Bergliot Galtung (Norwegian Red Cross)
  • Dr Olga Milosevic (Yugoslav Red Cross)
  • Mrs Anita Milin (Yugoslav Red Cross)
  • The Hon. Mrs. Rajkumari Amrit Kaur, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Governors of the League, was unable to attend and was represented by Sir Dhiren Mitra.

“Item 7: Nursing

Sir John Newman- Morris (Australian Red Cross) asked, with reference to Item 7 a.), whether the League actually trained professional nurses and nurse’s-aids.

Mr de Rougé (Secretary General) explained that the League Secretariat acted as an intermediary between the national Societies which granted study visits to certain nurses who wished to go to another country to improve their knowledge. The League had been carrying on this activity for many years.

The Chairman asked Sir John Newman Morris whether he was satisfied with this explanation.

Sir John Newman Morris (Australian Red Cross) said that the explanation was satisfactory but that the wording of Item 7 a) was not.

It was decided to draft this item more clearly”.

Board of Governors

The 21st Meeting of the Board of Governors, Monte Carlo, 1950

Resolution No 12.

Social Service

The Board of Governors,

decides that the appointment of a Social Service Director, secretary and other staff should not be undertaken until the next meeting of the Standing Finance Commission and that,

in the meantime, the Health Bureau and the Nursing and Social Service Bureau of the League Secretariat of the League are authorized to undertake schemes of Social Assistance related to their respective activities, and that such activities be coordinated by the Health Bureau.

Resolution no. 18

Mental Health

The Board of Governors,

bearing in mind the need for the Red Cross to take part in this new activity, recommends that national Societies should assist in the establishment of model child guidance clinics where these do not exist;

furthermore, recognizing the importance of training in the subject of Mental Health for Doctors, Nurses; School Teachers, Social and other Public Health Workers; advises that courses of training for Red Cross Nurses, Aids and Social Workers should include this subject;

finally, recommends, that in the field of Mental Health, the Health Bureau of the League should co-operate actively with the World Federation of Mental Health and the Expert Committee on Mental Health of the World Health Organization.