Executive Committee

Meeting of the Executive Committee, Toronto, 24 July 1952

Among those present were

  • Mrs. Sophia Mikhailovna Speranskaya, Alliance of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies of the U.S.S.R.
  • Miss Ann Magnussen, American National Red Cross
  • Lady Owen, Australian Red Cross
  • Miss Simone Vercamer, Belgian Red Cross
  • The Countess of Limerick, British Red Cross
  • Miss Evelyn Bark, British Red Cross
  • Miss Florence H.M. Emory, Canadian Red Cross
  • Mrs. C.F. MacEachron, Canadian Red Cross
  • Mme Li Teh Chuan, Chinese Red Cross
  • Miss Brita Wittborn, Swedish Red Cross
  • Dr. Olga Milosevic, Yugoslav Red Cross
  • Mrs. Anita Milin, Yugoslav Red Cross

Among the observers:

  • Miss K.M. Ahlmann-Ohlsen, Danish Red Cross
  • Mrs. Maria Elvira Yoder, Ecuadorian Red Cross
  • Dr. Ironsa Domanska, Polish Red Cross

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