Executive Committee

78th Session of the Executive Committee, Geneva, 25-27 September 1958


The Executive Committee,

Noting the great need which exists today in numerous countries of the world for medical, nursing and related personnel;

Recognizing the opportunity afforded by the Centenary of the Red Cross to inspire and promote Red Cross action in this field;

Affirming the necessity for the revitalisation and extension of Resolution No 45 of the 19th Session of the Board of Governors (Oxford1l946) concerning fellowships for medical officers;

Recommends that the Secretariat of the League in consultation with the Chairman of the Health Advisory and Nursing Advisory Committees, be requested to examine and evaluate existing facilities for the post- graduate training of medical and nursing personnel and related professions;

Recommends that following such study and examination, it take — steps to establish a plan to e no our age National Societies to obtain and/or grant bursaries, fellowships and scholarships to be designated “The Centenary Plan”, the objective of the Plan being to provide assistance for countries where the medical and sanitary conditions are inadequate for the needs of the people”.


The Executive Committee,

Considering the difficulties which arose during the operation on behalf of Hungarian Refugees regarding signatures on cheques and documents,

Resolves that all documents debiting an account of the League shall bear – two signatures, either that of the Secretary General and a substitute, or those of two substitutes. The substitutes shall be Baron van Zeeland, Treasurer General, Mr. Albert C. Nussbaumer, Assistant Treasurer General, Mr. W. J. Phillips, M.B.E., Under Secretary General and Miss Yvonne Hentsch, Director of the Nursing Bureau.

In case of the establishment of a service, bureau or agency outside of the League Headquarters, the Secretary General may delegate to certain officials of such service, bureau or agency the right to sign cheques and banking documents, providing every document debiting an account of the League bears two signatures”.

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