Executive Committee

75th Session of the Executive Committee, Geneva, 10 – 12 May 1956


The Executive Committee approved the Report on the XIIth session of the Nursing Advisory Committee, held in Geneva, from 18 to 21 October 1955, and adopted its Recommendations (see under Resolutions)”.


The Executive Committee instructed the Secretariat to study and establish draft Regulations for the Nursing Advisory Committee”.

II Resolutions


The Executive Committee

Considering that the Red Cross is becoming an increasingly important factor in national health programmes,

Draws attention to the advantage of establishing a Nursing Department in every national Red Cross Society, to carry out the nursing programme of the Society and to provide professional advice on all matters  pertaining to nursing , such a Department operating on the national, regional and local levels,

Recommends that the Director of the Nursing Department be a professional nurse with special qualifications and training to direct the nursing programme of the Society

Recommends that this Department be placed on the same administrative level as the other technical Departments of the Society”.


The Executive Committee,

Recommends that each National Red Cross Society have a Nursing Advisory Board to advise on all aspects of nursing”.


The Executive Committee,

Recommends that, wherever the Red Cross is responsible for the basic education of professional nurses, such education conform to the standards laid down from time to time by the International Council of Nurses,

Recognising the value of post-basic courses for nurses,

Recommends that the Red Cross facilitate the establishment of such post-basic courses as may be appropriate in the country concerned”.


Nurses’ Aids

The Excecutive Committee

Recommends that wherever the Red Cross assumes responsibility for the training of Red Cross Nurses’  Aids, training, assignment, and supervision of the duties of such personnel staff be the responsibility of professional nurses”.


Home Nursing

The Executive Committee,

Recognising the valuable contribution made to public health by the teaching of Home Nursing by qualified instructors,

Recommends that the National Red Cross Societies continue to extend Home Nursing courses and that ways be constantly sought to improve the teaching programme through the sharing of mutual experience and through refresher courses for instructors on a national and international level”.


The Executive Committee,

Considering the increasing part played by the Red Cross in relief to victims of disasters,

Recommends that the National Red Cross Societies endeavour to increase the number of their qualified members of all categories of nursing personnel,

Recommends in particular that the National Societies place documentation and publicity material on the national and international Red Cross at the disposal of all nursing schools in order to attract the largest possible number of nurses to the Red Cross,

Recommends, furthermore, that Red Cross nurses participate actively in publicizing widely the Red Cross principles and ideals”.


Rights and Obligations of Red Cross Nursing Personnel Staff

The Executive Committee,

Recommends that the National Red Cross Societies make every effort to see that their nursing staff be informed of its rights and obligations under the Geneva Conventions”.


The Executive Committee,

Recommends that, at international Red Cross meetings, each National Red Cross Society include a nurse in its delegation, especially whenever nursing or medico-social subjects are being discussed,

Recommends further that Red Cross nurses participate in the activities of the international nursing organisations and of other international organisations interested in nursing, in order to share in international developments in nursing and to help raise the standards of nursing within their own countries”.


Information Service

Recommends that the National Red Cross Societies keep the Nursing Bureau of the Secretariat of the League regularly informed of their nursing activities”.


Nursing Advisory Committee of the League

The Executive Committee, Expresses the wish that the Chairman of each session of the Committee should remain in office until the beginning of the following session, thus remaining available for consultation to the Nursing Bureau of the League Secretariat in the intervening periods between the sessions of the Committee”.

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