General Assembly

18th Session of the General Assembly, Geneva, 23-25 November 2011

18th Session of the General Assembly

Three women were members of the drafting committee:

  • Ms. Sofia Stoimenova, Bulgaria RC
  • Ms. Carine Chehab, Qatar RC
  • Ms. Frehiwot Worku, Ethiopia RC

Two women elected to the Finance Commission:

  • Ms. Kathryn Forbes, American RC
  • Ms. Yaksim Betty Tam, Belize RC

Four women were proposed as members of the Youth Commission

  • Ms. Salimata Konan, Cote d’Ivoire RC
  • Ms. Sandy Tesch, American RC
  • Ms. Marium Lodhi, Pakistan RC
  • Ms. Ashanta Osborne-Moses, Guyana RC

Three women were proposed as members of Compliance and Mediation Committee:

  • Ms. Vindra Amar, Trinidad and Tobago
  • Ms. Leili Khaleghi, Iranian RC
  • Ms. Deniz Solen, Turkish

One woman was appointed as member of the Election Committee:

  • Ms. Niki Rattle, Cook Islands RC

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