Board of Governors

24th Session of the Board of Governors, New Delhi, 1957

Red Cross Centenary


The Board of Governors,

Having heard the Report of the Commission for the Red Cross Centenary,

Approves this Report,

Congratulates the Commission on its excellent work,

Recommends it to study the proposals submitted to the Board of Governors by the National Societies of Australia, Belgium, Iraq, and Pakistan, with a view to the foundation of scholarships for persons wishing to train for medical or nursing work; it furthermore recommends the study of any suggestion in line with the general idea of the fund proposed by the Australian Red Cross.

Decides to broaden the terms of reference af the Commission, and to instruct it also to prepare the commemoration of the Centenary of the foundation of the Red Cross in 1963-1964, in co-operation with the International Committee of the Red Cross”.

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30-odd years with the Movement - National Society, International Federation and Standing Commission, for some reason never ICRC.
Presently a free spirit and attached to Sandefjord Red Cross

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