Board of Governors

Meeting of the Board of Governors, Paris, 1936


Nursing Scholarships.

The Board of Governors authorizes the Secretariat to continue and develop, so far as the means at -its disposal allow, the policy of facilitating the training of Red Cross nurses, including post-graduate training and training for specialized work, by making grants to national Societies for scholarships, for study abroad, and for similar purposes”.


Conference of Experts.

The Board of Governors notes with satisfaction the arrangements made by the League, jointly with the International Red Cross Committee, for holding in January 1937 the conference of experts contemplated by Resolution XVI of the XVth International Red Cross Conference, and expresses the hope that all Societies, which can conveniently do so, will delegate nurses and others qualified by their functions to participate”.


Nursing Advisory Board.

The Board of Governors approves the holding in January of a meeting of the Nursing Advisory Committee; notes with satisfaction that membership of this Committee has been maintained in accordance with its recommendation, approved by the Board of Governors in 1928 ; instructs the Secretary General to lay before the Executive Committee a report of the said meeting; and expresses the view that in principle such meetings should be held at least once every two years”.


Florence Nightingale International Foundation.

The Board of Governors notes with satisfaction the progress made by the Florence Nightingale International Foundation, approves the continued cooperation of the League with this Foundation, and authorizes the Chairman to nominate in due course the representatives of the League on the Grand Council of the Foundation. The Board is gratified to learn that national Florence Nightingale Memorial Committees are now working in 21 countries, with the active cooperation of the national Red Cross Societies. The representatives of the League on the Grand Council are authorized to support such changes in the educational policy of the Foundation as may be recognized to be necessary, provided always that the special needs of Red Cross Societies for educational facilities for their nurses should be kept in mind, and that the facilities provided shall be of the highest professional standard compatible therewith, and of the necessary broadly educational character”.


Air Ambulance Services.

The Board of Governors,

Approving the collaboration established between the League of Red Cross Societies and the International Air Federation through the International Committee for the Study of Air Ambulances,

Expresses its thanks to the Chairman and the Members of the International Air Federation for their valuable co-operation,

Approves the general regulations for the institution of a certificate for nurses for air ambulance service, Recommends that the International Study Committee continue its work with a view to formulating plans for agreements between national Red Cross Societies and aero clubs, members of the Air Federation, such agreements to define the services which the two bodies can mutually render so as to accomplish systematically and speedily the humanitarian work in which aeroplanes can usefully participate”.

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