Board of Governors

Meeting of the Board of Governors, [sine loco], 1924



  1. THE BOARD OF GOVERNORS approves the principles laid down for the future work of the Secretariat for promoting, through Red Cross Societies, higher standards of nursing education, both for hospital and Public health work, chiefly through national nurses.   
  • THE BOARD OF GOVERNORS approves the continuation of the International courses for nurses and encourages the Secretariat to study the possibility of reducing the individual expenses of the students by eventually establishing an International Nurses’ Home.
  • THE BOARD OF GOVERNORS strongly recommends to the attention of Red Cross Societies the standards of   nursing education laid down by the Nursing Advisory Board of the League, while recognizing that no stereotyped scheme is applicable to   every country.

The budget for the international nursing course was $ 5,000 – which was 2.7% of the total, or 8.6% of the non-staff expenses foreseen.

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