Board of Governors

33rd Meeting of the Board of Governors, Geneva, 1975


The Red Cross and International Women’ s Year

The Board of Governors,

Recalling that 1975 is International Women’s Year and that throughout this year special attention must be devoted to worldwide study of the promotion of the situation of women, in the context of development and peace,

Endorses fully the noble objectives of International Women’s Year,

Expressed the wish that the documents adopted by the World, Conference on International Women’s Year at Mexico City in June 1975 be studied by the competent bodies of the League”.


Coordination of the activities of Advisory Committees

The Board of Governors,

Cognisant of the recommendation of the Health and Social Service Advisory Committee to the 1974 Session of the Executive Committee to the effect that the Health and Social Service, Youth. Nursing and Development Programme Advisory Committees should be merged to form a General Commission that might be called the Standing Programmes Commission;

Agreeing that there is a need for closer coordination of the activities carried on under the competence of these four Advisory Committees;

Believing that the next few years will continue to be critical for the Development Programme;

Recommends that there be regular annual meetings of the Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen of Advisory Committees, possibly with the Committee of the Chairman and Vice-Chairmen of the League; and,

Recommends further that the Development Programme Advisory Committee remains in being”.


Elections and Appointments

The Board of Governors.

4. Elects as members of the Nursing Advisory Committee for a period of four years the National Societies bf the following countries:

Egypt; Ghana; Greece; Japan; Mexico; Phillippines; Romania; Thailand”

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