Board of Governors

Meeting of the Board of Governors, Brussels, 1930



The Board of Governors approves the methods adopted by the Secretariat for the study of the best means of assisting national Societies members of the League to further the most effective and reasonable development of the nursing profession.

While noting that the formation and administration of nursing schools have been undertaken successfully by many national Societies, the Board nevertheless recognizes that the initial stage of such work calls, in certain cases, for the direct assistance of the League Secretariat until such time as nurses trained in the countries in question are themselves able to assume the direction of nursing schools. The. Board of Governors considers that, on the analogy of the present evolution of medical training, the organization of exchange and travel arrangements, and of international study centres, must be regarded as a long-time obligation. The Board consequently considers necessary the continuation of the London courses, and instructs the Secretariat to study the means of ensuring the conduct of these courses on the most economical basis possible without impairing the practical and moral value which they represent for the Red Cross”.

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